Western Ridge walking track

Western Ridge walking track

One of the walks from my outback New South Wales walking series is the Western Ridge Walking track in Mutawintji National Park. The ridge and walk are opposite the national park's only campsite.

I had just finished the Bynguano Range walking track and stopped at camp for lunch before doing this hike. Experienced walkers can easily do both walks in a day.

The walk starts near the campsite and slowly heads up and over a small ridge. The ground is a deep red-ochre colour. This landscape looks tough and non-forgiving. I slowly get closer to the ridge as I cross a gully.

As I get to the edge of the ridge. The trail starts to follow the edge of the ridge. It's a very unique environment like nothing I've walked in before. I
slowly get to the top, where there is an impressive view of the surrounding desert plains.

The walk dips down a small gully before you're on top of the Western Ridge. It's relatively flat on top of the ridge. The environment is arid, with dead trees scattered about.

The walk now follows along the range. The views up here are amazing. I come across a small aboriginal engraving of some type of creature. It's marked by a circle of rocks and is pretty easy to spot.

As I'm walking along the ridge, I'm amazed at the rocks worn smooth by water. You feel like you're walking on an ancient ocean floor. I follow the remainder of the walk down the spur back to the road. This bushwalk is well worth doing during sunset. Something I didn't do.