The Basin campground

The Basin campground

It's Autumn, and it's starting to cool down in Sydney. While the weather is still warm, I decided to walk down to The Basin campground in Ku-ring-gai chase national park and do some snorkelling.

I've never been to the Basin, which is surprising. So today was a great opportunity to check out the camp facilities. I packed a towel, swimmers and rashie. I strapped my snorkelling gear to the outside of my pack, and I was ready.

Near the start of the trail are a half dozen aboriginal engravings depicting fish and people. They are in excellent condition and are worth a look.

The road down to the Basin is a well-graded dirt path that changes to a grooved cement road on the steep decline down to the campground.

The road to The Basin is pretty uninspiring until you hit the cement. From here, you steeply wind down to the campground. If you look around, you'll see the environment change rapidly from some bush with turpentine trees to pockets of rainforest.

Once I get to The Basin campground, I check out the wharf where the ferry docks. There are heaps of boats visiting for the day. I'm amazed at how busy the whole area is.

The campground looks good. There is a paid phone charging station, ice for sale, toilets and showers. There are vending machines with snacks. From what I saw, there was NPWS staff staying at the campground.

I head over to the protected bay, find some shade and gear up for a snorkel. The water is perfect, and it's a great way to cool off.

It's not very clear water, but I come across a well-camouflaged cuttlefish which I almost miss. There are lots of small tropical fish. I then find myself in the centre of a school of hundred or so medium-sized fish. They don't really care that I'm there and swim around me. I'm unsure what species they are.

I head back to my gear, dry off, have a bite to eat, use the toilets to change into dry clothes, and start the trek back to the car. I see a handful of lace monitors walking around the campsites looking for a feed.

The hill out of the Basin is not too bad. It is steep, but the cement does make it easy. As I'm slowly walking back, I pass a very tame swamp wallaby. It's not bothered that I'm walking past.

It's only a short time until I'm back at the trailhead.