Bairne walking track

Long and easy Bairne walking track takes you to 2 scenic lookouts, with stunning views over Pittwater and The Basin, in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.

Bairne walking track

This is one of my favourite walks in Sydney. It's a great beginner trail and has some amazing views.

The walk will take about 3-3.5 hours depending on what you do. This walk offers minimal tree cover so take a hat and sunscreen if it's a sunny day.

The trail starts off West Head Road in the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park which is well signposted. Once you're ready, follow the trail.

The start of the trail offers some views back towards the rest of the park on your left. Take note of when the bush starts to get thicker on the left. If you are walking during spring. This thick patch of bush on the left has a handful of Waratahs (Telopea) which will be in full bloom.

After you take a few photos of the bush flowers, return to the trail. At about 2.2km in, you will see a cairn on the right. If you are feeling adventurous you can follow the 500m trail to a small rocky outcrop with views. The trail is barely there, expect to get lost.

At about 2.3 km in, you will see a well-defined trail on the left. This trail takes you down to the basin. You can do that another time.

You will eventually reach an intersection. To the left is the Soldiers Point Trail, to the right is the Bairne Lookout Trail that takes you to Towlers Bay Lookout. Follow the lookout trail. This trail winds down the ridge to Towlers Bay Lookout. You will walk past a trail on your left near the end. This trail will take you down to Perrys/Biba beach (Treharne Cove). Stay on the main trail and head to the lookout. Once at the lookout, there is a small loop trail. Take either one.

Once you're at the lookout, you will get amazing views of Towlers Bay and Pittwater. Keep an eye out for eagles and hawks. This is a good spot for lunch.

Once you are done soaking up the views, head back up the trail to the intersection and take the Soldiers Point track down to the second lookout. On the way down to the lookout, you will pass a small fern forest and a closed track down to Portuguese Beach. Keep an eye out for Swamp Wallabies.

Once you're at the lookout, you will get views of The Basin and northern Pittwater. Once you are done, follow the main track back to your car.

Where: Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park
Distance: 9.6km return
Grade: Grade 3
Map: Broken Bay 9130-1N